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2016 Revenue of Beilun District Ranks 1st in Ningbo
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According to recent statistics of the financial department of Ningbo, the 2016 total revenue receipts of Beilun District (Daxie Development Zone and the bonded area included) amounts to RMB40.23 billion with a growth of 5.8%, ranking 1st in Ningbo.

The 2016 revenue of the district government alone (excluding its subordinate governments) reaches RMB24.15 billion, increasing by 11.6% compared with last year. General budget revenue of Beilun is RMB20.74 billion this year, increasing by 16.4%. Of this amount, general budget revenue of the district government alone increased by 16.7% to RMB13.32 billion.

The economic climate remains uncertain and the central government has done a lot to increase targeted tax reductions by replacing business tax with VAT. Departments of Beilun District has strengthened tax source management through coordinated efforts. The tax revenue of Beilun increases to RMB18.56 billion by 18.8% with that of the district government alone rising to RMB12.01, which is 19.6% higher than last year.

The steady increase of government revenue has made it possible for Beilun to ensure steady growth, make structural adjustments, boost reform and thus promote the people’s wellbeing. Beilun has concentrated its resources on ensuring people’s wellbeing, serving real economy better with favorable policies, strengthening the management of budgetary funds, which has played an important role in the sustainable development of Beilun.

2016 general budget expenditure of Beilun is RMB17.17 billion. And that of the district alone is RMB11.34 billion, 60.2% or 6.83 billion of which has been spent on projects aimed to deliver benefits to the people.

This year, Beilun has spent a large sum of money on improving people’s living standard. upgrading the mix of budget expenditure, Beilun has given priority to industries involving people’s immediate interests and carried out coordinated work to accelerate the development of social programs.

Most of the budget was spent in promoting urban and rural communities, strengthening employment and social security, upgrading medical and healthcare systems and protecting environment. We managed to ensure an improvement in public facilities, sanitation and management; We allocated a greater share of budgets to public education in an effort to promote fairer access to quality education; We strengthened the policies to stimulate employment and gave more support to industries that can provide more jobs; We improved the system of tiered diagnosis and treatment and made quality medical service available to more people.

Meanwhile, the budgetary funds have been transparently and impartially managed, which guarantees the steady development of Beilun. In 2016, Beilun government has issued over 40 preferential policies to step up structural adjustments, involving industry upgrading, environment for creativity, new startups, e-commerce, cultural innovation, etc. We have given more support to the upgrading of key areas and the development of emerging industries to boost new types of businesses and to create a new force for driving economic and social development. Beilun spent RMB1 billion in 2016 on these targeted areas and delivered benefits to over 1500 enterprises.

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