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Ningbo Municipal CPC Committee Convenes the Economical Working Conference
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On the afternoon of Jan.10th, Ningbo Municipal Party Committee convened the Economical Working Conference. During the conference, Tang Yijun, a member of Provincial Party Committee, secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor of Ningbo, emphasized the in-depth study of the spirit revealed in a series of major speeches made by president Xi Jinping as well as new concepts, ideologies and strategies in ruling the country. He said, “We should comprehensively carry out the decisions and deployments of the Central Economical Working Conference and those of Provincial Party Committee, adhere to the general keynote of maintaining stability while striving for improvements as well as bear new development concepts deep in mind and carry them out; we should grasp the essence of and usher in New Normal in economic development, comprehensively conduct various kinds of work such as maintaining a stable growth, promoting reform, adjusting the economic structure, benefiting the public and precluding risks while at the same time, give all out to ensure a stable and healthy economic development and a harmonious society, welcoming the 19th National, Provincial and Municipal Party Congresses with excellent achievements.”
Wang Yong, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and Yang Wubiao, president of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference attended the meeting, over which Yu Hongyi, deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee presided. 
Tang Yijun said, “New judgements and decisions made by the Central Government on current economic situations provide us insightful enlightenment on economic work. New changes and characteristics in global and national economy place higher demands on us while the new improvements and achievements last year lay a solid foundation for us. We are required to profoundly understand those major judgements, decisions and adjustments, further strengthening our confidence in 2017 economic work. Besides, we should not go astray from our direction, not waver in our determination and not slack in our efforts so that the economy in Ningbo can go steady and far on the way of transformation and upgrading.
Tang Yijun pointed out that 2017 was the beginning year of the 19th National, Provincial and Municipal Party Congresses and the very year to deepen supply-side structural reform. “To make accomplishments in 2017 economic work, we should balance ‘stability’ and ‘improvement’. On the one hand, we are required to hold fast to the bottom line of economic and social stability while on the other hand, we should forge ahead and make some achievements, driving the economy to grow at a medium-high speed with medium-high quality. We should grasp the relationship between ‘new’ and ‘old’. On the one hand, we are required to foster and strengthen new development impetuses as well as accelerate the formation of a batch of innovative economic growth poles. On the other hand, we should advance the structuring and upgrading of traditional industries while prioritize the mending and activating of traditional impetuses. We should also grasp the relationship between ‘break’ and ‘establish’. ‘Break’ means that we should break structural barriers and obstacles and get rid of backward production capacities. ‘Establish’ , however, means that we should stick to the leading role of reform and the driving force of innovation, effectively promoting supply-side structural reform while establishing new systems to foster new economy and bring out new vitality. Lastly, we should grasp the relationship between ‘future’ and ‘current’. On the one hand, we are required to be future-minded. On the other hand, we should pay due attention on current situations, make sound planning and promote healthy and coordinated economic and social development.
Tang Yijun stressed that we should deepen reform and innovation, striving to promote a stable and healthy economy. “We need to pursue steady development, drawing full attention to effective investments, vital projects construction and investment attraction. We should also endeavor to facilitate the stable growth of foreign trade, efficiently stimulate consumption, put a premium on risk control and push the growth of major economic indicators above the provincial averages. Following the three-word maxim, we are required to expedite industrial transformation and continue to advance the policy mix that combined the transformation and demolition of illegal constructions, the comprehensive water and exhaust treatment, the beautification of public environment and the solicitation of dispersed Zhejiang businesses whose help will speed up the economic metabolism. Besides, we should also fully unleash the power of innovation, strengthening its push to our development. The construction of pilot cities for “Made in China 2015” provides a great opportunity to rejuvenate the real economy, promote modern service industries and deepen the supply-side structural reform in agriculture. We should carry forward the five tasks—decapacity, destocking, deleveraging, lowering corporate costs and improving weak links, so as to optimize the environment for the growth of private businesses. It’s also necessary to build large platforms with huge capacity which can create new advantages and impetuses for development, like characteristic towns that generate new sources of growth. All the vital platforms should be fully utilized to promote cities, their openness and their industries. Moreover, we should remain open to the outside world, focusing on creating more room for development. It’s important to build the Ningbo Economic Circle and the Port Economy Circle, balance and meanwhile expand the domestic and foreign markets, make use of both internal and external investments and enhance the openness and internationalization level of cities. Finally, we should emphasize synergy, striving to promote balance. This requires us to improve overall planning and pursue a balanced development between rural and urban areas, between regions and between economy and society. It will deliver more balanced growth with higher quality.”


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