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The 7th Ningbo International Tea Culture Festival to open
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I, Basic information of the 7th Ningbo International Tea Culture Festival

According to Notice of the 7th Ningbo International Tea Culture Festival of the General Office of Ningbo Municipal Government, the 7th Ningbo International Tea Culture Festival is to open in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center from May 9 to 12. The theme of the festival is "tea makes a better life" and the guideline for the festival should be "economical, practical and highly efficient". With the objective to promote the tea culture and the economy of tea, and by a series of activities of exhibition, business invitation and so on, the festival aims to carry forward the tea culture of Ningbo, and promote the transformation of the tea industry of Ningbo.

The Tea Culture Festival is organized by China International Tea Culture Research Institute, China Tea Trading Association, China Tea Association, Zhejiang Agricultural Department and Ningbo Municipal People's Government. It is jointly co-organized by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Forestry, Ningbo Municipal Agricultural Bureau, Ningbo Municipal Supply and marketing Cooperatives, Ningbo Tea Culture Association and Zhejiang Plantation Administration Bureau.

The activities in the festival are in four categories of sales, trade talks, exhibition of tea culture and supporting activities.

1, The exhibition and sales. During the festival will open the 7th China (Ningbo) Tea Expo, an important part of the Tea Culture Festival. The tea expo is to have an exhibition area as large as 10,000 sq m. The products to be in the exhibition include tea, tea utensils, tea food, books and paintings of tea. The expo is to open in Hall 1 and Hall 2 in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center between May 9 and 12. During the expo there will be other activities like tea art contest, exhibition of famous tea and so on.

2, Trade fair. Of the trade activities, an important part is the Trade Fair of 7th China Ningbo International Tea Culture Festival, the only agricultural trade fair. On the fair a number of agricultural projects for business invitation will be announced. A hundred tea businessmen and other guests will be organized to be present at the festival.  Meanwhile, the national meeting of the tea trade organized by China Tea Circulation Association and the Joint Meeting of the National Tea Societies will be open in Ningbo.

3, Tea cultural activities. There will be rich tea cultural activities. These activities include: the First Zhejiang Tea Art Contest & the 5th Ningbo Tea Art Contest, activities of promoting tea culture in communities, schools, enterprises and government departments, Ningbo Forum of Tea Famous Brands, the opening of Ningbo Tea Culture Museum and Ningbo Seal Cutting Gallery, and the tea gathering in Guangde Temple in Ninghai.

4, Tea awarding activities. During the festival will open the Zhonglyu Cup China Famous Green Tea Selection. This top grade green tea selection permanently opens in Ningbo as appointed by China Tea Trading Association.

II, Preparations for the festival.

With the orderly preparations of the Organization Committee, the preparations for the festival are going on smoothly, and quite a number of preparations are in the final stage.

At present, the preparation for the tea expo is in the final state and 400 stalls have been ordered. All the famous teas of Ningbo will come to the expo. Famous teas from other places like Pu'er of Yunnan, Red Tea of Zhengshan, Tieguanyin of Fujian, Yancha Tea of Wuyi Mountain, and Black Tea of Hunan will come to the expo. Tea utensils like Zisha tea utensils of Yixing will come to the expo. There will be recreational activities and activities for the promotion of the tea culture. Preparations for the Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition for Tea Culture of Ningbo are going on smoothly. A number of calligraphic works and paintings have be collected for the exhibition.

The preparation for the trade fair is going on smoothly. So far 8 projects to be promoted and 15 projects to be signed on have been decided.

The preparation for the Zhonglyu Cup China Famous Green Tea Selection is now on the final stage and 3,000 letters of invitation have been delivered. The letter of invitation has been published in some professional magazines of tea like the World of Tea and Tea of China. Information of products for the festival has been released in the wechat. So far, about 250 products have been selected as candidates for the selection.

Preparations for other activities are going on smoothly.  The Organization Committee requires that all related departments should work in concert to ensure the success of the 7th Ningbo International Tea Culture Festival.



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