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Press conference of the 6th International Vocal Music Contest China (Ningbo) Given
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The 6th International Vocal Music Contest China Ningbo, organized by the Ministry of Culture and hosted by Ningbo Municipal Government, would be held in Ningbo from October 20 to 31. The event aims to advance the overall level of music art in China, to let the world know Chinese music, and to promote the vocal music communication between China and the world. At the same time, it also makes efforts to accelerate the cultural development in Ningbo, to strengthen the city with culture, and to promote Ningbo’s cultural taste, overall image and comprehensive power. As the only cultural and art competition event of state level in Ningbo, Ningbo will spare no efforts to hold a high-level, special and influential cultural and art festival with the best environment, reliable equipments, good preparations and service.

I. An overview of International Vocal Music Contest China Ningbo

International Vocal Music Contest China, one of the international music competition events organized by the Ministry of Culture, together with International Violin Contest China and International Piano Contest China, is acclaimed as one of the major three music competitions. Since the year 2000, the event will be held every three years. Since 2005, Ningbo has consecutively held the 3rd, 4th and 5th competition. The high-quality venue, efficient organization, outstanding service and logistics contributed to the great success of the event and was well recognized by the Ministry of Culture and the public. Besides, the contest provides a platform and opportunity for the vocalists to present and improve their talent. Through the contest, a multitude of talented and potential vocalists will stand out and be acclaimed and recognized by the music and art circle at both home and abroad. So to speak, with the passage of time and the increasing influence of the event, the vocal music contest has become not only the art stage for the participants to communicate arts and experience, but also the engine to ignite their development in music and career.

II. Preparations

The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to the contest. All departments involved are aware of the importance of holding this event and will make full preparations, with unified thoughts, strong belief, sense of responsibility, sense of mission and urgency.

  1. The leaders paid special attention to the event and the organization of the event is very strict. An organizing committee for the contest has been set up. The chairman is Cai Wuren, Minister of Culture Ministry; Ding Wei, Vice Minister of Culture Ministry, and Lu Ziyue, Mayor of Ningbo, are the vice chairmen; the latter is also the director of the executive committee. The organizing committee office is in Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publication. Under the guidance of Culture Ministry and the organization of the organizing committee, the Municipal Government of Ningbo has set up a leading team for the hosting work by actively involving Office of Foreign Affairs, Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Health, Bureau of Public Security, Office of Reception, Youth League, Radio, TV and Film Group, and Ningbo Daily in the specific work.

  2. The preparations for reception are ready and service quality will be guaranteed. Since it is an international event, the organizing committee has mobilized people in the city to participate in it. Some culture volunteer families have been recruited for the reception of the participants. Besides, students of English major from Wanli University and Nottingham University Ningbo will also join in the reception by providing one to one service. The board and lodging, pickup, car service and visit are also well prepared. It will be ensured that one volunteer and one car will be available for one participant. Any problems of organization and service should be killed in the bay. It is hoped that the efficiency, quality and hospitality of Ningbo people will be demonstrated through the competition.

  3. To guarantee the security and success of the competition. There are high requirements for the security of the vocal music contest as well as high risks. A leader from each department will be in charge of the security work, so as to strengthen the public security, traffic security, health safety and power support. Precautions and emergency plans have also been made to guarantee the security of the event.

III. The contest

1) Participants. In order to select candidates from a wide possible scope, and improve the level of participants, we set up 8 competition areas, namely, Korea, USA, Holland, South Africa, Poland, Mongolia, Germany and Russia for the advertisements and participants recruitments. At the same time, we used online platforms like the official website of International Music Competition World League, Accepted, the largest music competition advertisement website in USA and LinkedIn to advertise the event. Thanks to the increasing influence of International Vocal Music Contest China, it has attracted 431 people to participate in the competition, including 318 domestic participants and 113 from overseas. The judge panel had a fair examination and listening on the application material and recording of the participants, and finally decided 85 candidates from 40 countries and regions for the final, including 55 from overseas and 30 from home.

2) Judges. The level of the judges will decide the level of the competition. As a developing international music event, the organizing committee paid special attention to the selection of judges. In line with the principles of authority, fairness and international, and suggested by Ministry of Culture and recommended by music experts, 13 artists who have made outstanding achievements in vocal music teaching and performance in the world have been selected. They are from France, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, China, USA, Romania, South Africa, Russia and Italy. The judge panel will be chaired by Mr. Yu Feng, Dean of China National Opera House, professor of Central Conservatory of Music, and Chairman of China Conducting Association. The other two Chinese judges are Liao Changyong, famous baritone and Deputy Dean of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and Zhang Liping, famous soprano and Dean of Vocal Music and Opera Department of Central Conservatory of Music. 

3) Venue. This year’s competition is still held in Ningbo Concert Hall. As a venue which has held the previous three vocal music competitions, it is an ideal place to hold the event, its rich experience, inside structure and equipments, and its beautiful and comfortable location considered. In order to prepare for the competition, Ningbo Concert Hall has tested and inspected all the equipments in the all, carefully maintained the Steinweg Piano, arranged the indoor and outdoor environments. Now everything is ready to welcome the participants from 40 countries and regions and audiences from all over the country. The closing and award ceremony will be held in the Grand Theatre, and the nearby environment and security measures are ready.

4) Accompany orchestra. In order to improve the professional level of the competition, Central Opera House Symphony Orchestra is invited to accompany the competition. Central Opera House Symphony Orchestra, one of the famous symphony Orchestras in China, has a history of over 60 years and is a comprehensive symphony orchestra which can freely rein opera and symphony. Meanwhile, Ningbo Art Group has cooperated with it for several times, which has laid a good foundation for Central Opera House Symphony Orchestra to accompany the contest.

IV Related activities

During the event, 8 activities will be arranged

  1.The draw ceremony. Time: Afternoon of October 20. Venue: Tianyi Pavilion. The draw ceremony has been a highlight of the past three competitions. The draw ceremony this time, again, will feature Chinese culture and Ningbo culture.

  2.The opening ceremony. Time: Evening of October 20. Venue: Grand Theatre of Culture Square. The opening ceremony will be grand as well as simple. After the ceremony, opera Valkyrja starring Professor Yu Feng, Ningbo-born famous conductor, Dean of Central Opera House and Chairman of the judge panel, will present a delicate, beautiful, sensational and perfect audio-visual feast.

  3.The preliminary round, 2nd round and final of the competition. Time: October 21 to 30. Venue: Ningbo Concert Hall.

  4.Classic opera show. Besides the Valkyrja in the opening ceremony, White-haired Girl and Camille will be shown on October 25th and November 3rd respectively. Venue: Grand Theatre.

  5.Lecture by Yu Feng. Yu Feng, Dean of Central Opera House and Chairman of the judge panel will give a lecture about opera appreciation in “Tianyi Classroom” on October 28th.

  6.Visit of vocal music expert to the University. The judge from Russia, whose student won the championship last time, will visit Ningbo University on October 29th to share acting and singing skills.

  7.Closing ceremony and award concert. Time: 7:30, October 31st. Venue: Grand Theatre. All the winners and judges will perform together.

  8.The winners will travel to cities like Beijing and Chengdu to have a tour show.

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