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The 25th New Year Shopping Fair kicks off
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Ningbo has kicked off its 25th New Year Shopping Fair at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 19 to 26. With 600 booths located in the No.2 and No. 3 pavilions , the event covers an area of 15,000 square feet. Aiming to provide local residents with abundant holiday products at reasonable prices, the fair will exhibit products of high-quality, specialty and well-known bands. Apart from low-price vegetables, meat, fish and other food products, a number of high-quality imported food products and specialties will be included in the fair. Besides, a series of games and customer experience activities will be organized during the fair to enable the visitors feel the traditional Chinese New Year culture while shopping in the fair.

More high-quality products and better prices

Ningbo had successfully organized 24 New Year shopping fairs so far, which has won compliments from local consumers and has become a traditional event in Ningbo. The shopping fair this year will continue the tradition by gathering high-quality-products from major vegetable producers. Meanwhile, these producers promise to sell their products at discounted price despite the trend of rising prices during the Spring Festival. According to the organizers, the price of beef from Ningbo Laisheng Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will be at least one yuan per 500 gram lower that the regular price. The cold-processed beef from Ningbo Ganglong Import & Export Co., Ltd. will be 1.5 yuan per 500 gram lower than the regualr price. Prices of pork from Ningbo Fangxing Food company and Beilun Food Company will be more than 10 percent lower than the regular price. Prices of fish from Dongqian Lake, Lanshan Reservoir, and Xianxiang reservoir will be 15 percent lower than the market prices. Prices of vegetables from Ningbo Vegetable Wholesale Market and a number of local vegetable producers will be more than 15 percent lower than the market prices. To promote the consumption of cold-processed poultry in stead of live poultry, cold-processed poultry products offer 10 percent off the regular prices. Besides, a number of private food companies will participate in the fair, offering a wide range of specialties and imported food at favorable prices.

A collection of well-known domestic and international products

The organizing committee is selecting exhibitors according to a comprehensive research and analysis on the demand of local consumers. Apart from traditional holiday food products, the shopping fair this year highlights the imported products. First, taking the advantage of Ningbo's developed import trade, the organizing committee cooperates with the Free Trade Zone and the Port of Ningbo, who help to invite imported food exhibitors from nearly 20 countries. In addition to the popular products like beef from New Zealand and milk from Australia, the consumers will face more choices like Greenland halibut, Atlantic cod, Argentine red shrimp, Vietnamese fish fillets, olive oil from Spain, pasta from the United States, and snacks from Vietnam. Fruits like Taiwan mango, avocado from Mexico, pear from Belgium, and other imported fruit will be sold at discounted prices. The organizers also invite Turkey cooks to present a "Turkey pancake making show" for the audience. Second, the organizers choose excellent exhibitors according to their performance in the previous exhibitions. Popular products like Wuma milk from Qinghai Province, Wuchang rice from Northeast China will be exhibited on the fair. Besides, local consumers will again find specialty products from Kuqa of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the shopping fair. The Kuqa sellers will present high-quality walnuts, jujubes and pears. Third, the organizing committee has selected popular products from other food exhibitions nationwide, including bacon from Hunan Province, salted duck from Nanjing, camellia oil from Hubei Province, vinegar from Shanxi Province, and sea foods from East Sea, dry milk tablets from Inner Mongolia, and nuts from Hangzhou.

A fair filled with holiday atmosphere

Based on the experience of the previous shopping fairs, the organizers highlighted the importance of creating holiday atmosphere for the shopping fair. The first move is to cooperate with Nantang Old Street, a local tourist resort, and invite the six well-known restaurants, who will present shows on local food making. A variety of local specialties and snacks like Smelly Tofu, baked potatoes, and preserved peach will be present in the shopping fair. The second move is to cooperate with well-known traditional food stores like Sanxue Sweet Dumplings, Wanghengda Rice, Feng Hengda Rice Cake, and other traditional stores. The third is to invite local organizations and institutions to put on performances, which add a joyful atmosphere to New Year's shopping fair.

Online shopping fair available

Online shopping has gradually become important forms of consumption in recent years. Based on the experience of the previous online shopping fair, the shopping fait this year has invited traditional retailers, Ningbo vegetable wholesalers, M6 Food Store to jointly launch its online shopping website, www.86LZH.com, which has been advertised to the public through China Mobile. The online fair featured over 100 categories, or more than 10,000 items, ranging from rice cakes of Cicheng, French wine, coconut candies from Hainan Province to bottled water of the Watsons. Meanwhile, the online fair launches a series of group buying activities, which offer discounts as low as 90 percent off. Since January 16, more items with discounted prices have been sold online to meet the needs of online shoppers. In the meantime, the biggest local fruit and vegetable wholesaler is also offering a promotion sale of getting 5 yuan for every 100 yuan purchase and promises same day delivery so long as an order is placed before 11:00 a.m.. Third, the M6 Food Store launches "electronic food seller" program on the fair. As one of the latest ecommerce innovations, the electronic food seller machine will give surprise gifts including seafood, French wine and other items for consumers who are willing to try it. Fourth, China Mobile, the Nation's biggest telecom operator, will launch trial activities of 4G online shopping experience in the fair. Customers will get the company's New Year coupons so long as they pay for their prepaid service in the fair.

Quality and safety steps taken

The safety of the products has long been the top concern of the Organizing Committee. To ensure the food security in this fair, the organizing committee has taken a series of steps. The first move is to set strict standards in selecting exhibitors. By keeping track of the former exhibitors, the fair turned down companies with poor reputation or records. The second move is to limit the number of certain products, like preserved crab, which had received complaints from consumers. All crab sellers are required to pay 2,000 yuan deposit, which can only be refunded if no complaints are filed until the Lantern Festival. On-site checks over preserved crabs will be carried out during the fair. The third move is to conduct overall safety inspection during the fair. The Municipal Trade Bureau, together with local food safety and heath watchdogs, will conduct joint inspections over the exhibiting products to ensure the quality and safety. Besides, a balance is available for consumers to check weight of their purchase.

More innovated and better services

This shopping fair this year strives to explore the "government-guided and market-oriented pattern". First, the fair embraces government-enterprise cooperation and intersectoral collaboration. Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the leader of local exhibition industry, plays active role in the operation of the fair. Under the guidance and coordination of the organizing committee, Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Centre effectively participated in the work of selecting exhibitors, organization work, security, and related services. Meanwhile, other co-organizers including the Jiangdong District Government, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and Ningbo Commerce & Trade Group Co., Ltd. also gave their supports in the fair. Second, the fair offers better services for the visitors. Six free shuttle buses are operating in both directions on two routes to the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. Besides, internal shuttle bus services to different exhibition halls are available for the visitors. Third, the advertising & publicity campaign is put in place to ensure a heightened awareness of the event. The organizers have advertised the event in major local newspapers, television stations, networks, and other public spaces. Exhibitors also launch a series of promotion sales, giving discounts to the visitors.

Meanwhile, local authorities also plan to organize a charity program on January 19 and 20 to give off 1,800 new-year gift packages to the needy citizens and retired model workers.


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