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Report On Some Issues of Work of Public Concern
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In the first half of this year, facing a complicate and volatile development environment both at home and abroad, the municipal government, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee, makes a great breakthrough and progress in some issues of public concern by carrying out the strategies of “Six Speed-ups” and providing strengthened work arrangement, policy support and task assignment, which has maintained the stable and healthy economic growth and harmonious development of the society. Here is the report on these issues including the innovation-driven work, “Three rebuilding and One demolition” and urban traffic congestion management as follows:

1. The Innovation-Driven Development

At the beginning of this year, the Party committee made the decision to strengthen the innovation drive to accelerate the transformation of development in line with the implementation of the strategy of innovation-driven development proposed in the 18th CPC National Congress and put forward the detailed goals, focuses and supporting measures. Under the circumstances, governments and departments at all levels have made tremendous efforts. First, increasing the strength of implementation. A promotion meeting of innovation-driven development was held to ensure the “Four Carriers” and “Four Path” to overcome difficulties and enhance the environment of development. Governments at all levels also offered policy supports and attached great importance to the work of deployment and responsibility assignment. Second, offering policy support. A series of policies were issued to encourage the development of municipal innovative enterprises driven by high and new technology. The financial resources were optimized to support key industries. For example, a total of 2 billion Yuan of special fund was set up by municipal and county governments to foster the development of strategic emerging industries. Third, highlighting the priority. The municipal government paid much attention to the combination of science, technology and economy while attaching great importance to some key projects including the New Material and High-tech Zone, Science &Technology Pilot Project, Angel Investment as well as life and health industry. At present, the pre-construction work of the New Material and High-tech Zone starts smoothly. The first “Thousand Talents Project” Industrial Park of Zhejiang province settled in Yuyao. Fourth, achieving related targets. In the first half of this year, Ningbo's patent applications and grants reached 44519 and 20888, up 7.9% and 29.7% respectively over the same period last year. The added value of high-tech industry made a year-on-year growth of 6%. The output value rate of new products reached 21%, up 2.6% over the same period last year. The spending on research and development totaled 7.5 billion Yuan, a year-on-year increase of over 15.5%.

2. The “Three Rebuilding and One Demolition”

The work meeting of “Three Rebuilding and One Demolition” was held in March, 2013, staging a detailed work plan for the next three years and putting forward the goals and tasks of the work. In June, the promotion meeting was held on the spot, further deepening the work arrangement and implementation. In the first half of 2013, the rebuilding of 44.363 million square meters of old residential, industrial areas and urban-villages and the demolition of 8.011 million square meters of illegal buildings were completed, accounting for 92.8% and 140% of the work schedule of 2013 respectively. First, exerting historic strength. The municipal government clarified the priority of demolition work and adopted comprehensive and firm measures. Over 190 illegal buildings with per unit area of over 5000 square meters were dismantled, a total area of 2.308 million square meters. Second, accelerating rebuilding speed. Over 170,000 square meters of rebuilding work were completed in Zhenhai, Yuyao, Fenghua and Yinzhou districts. 57 out of 59 urban villages in the downtown districts were rebuilt, accounting 97% of the total target. 38 villages received make-shift houses. Industrial demolition emphasized on industrial upgrading without any additional occupation of land. Third, improving work mechanism. The government paid much attention to the upper and lower linkage and coordination while attaching great importance in strengthening security mechanisms of organization, system, discipline, stability, supervision and public opinion to form a strong joint work force.

3. The Urban Traffic Congestion Management

At the beginning of this year, an action plan on municipal traffic congestion control was issued. Early in April, the promotion meeting which further assigned tasks, intensified responsibilities and deepened management was held. In the first half of this year, a series of achievements were made. First, improving infrastructures of urban traffic. The construction of the urban high-speed traffic net, including the South-North Outer Rings, Hangzhou-Ningbo High-speed Flyovers and the Yongda Street Airport Expressway, advances smoothly. 16 dead end roads were planned to be linked. 62.8% of the construction of the supporting facilities of the new south railway station has been completed. Second, strengthening the building of parking facilities. A total of 15,300 parking spaces were built in Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei and Yinzhou districts, accounting for 51.3% of the annual target. Over 3,700 public parking spaces are under construction, accounting for 92.5% of the annual target. 2.338 million square meters of underground space were exploited, accounting for 73.1% of the annual target. Third, implementing bus priority strategy. The city was planning to build a public transport net combined by railway, bus and public bicycle. 14 new bus lines were opened and 29 old ones were optimized. 395 new buses were put into use. 152 bus lines adopted the “Within One Hour” preferential policy. The municipal government also paid much attention to bus lane building while organizing public bicycle company for equipment purchasing and management. Fourth, strengthening traffic order control. Special actions of traffic order control were carried out in 10 key roads including the Renmin Street and 9 serious traffic violations have been prosecuted in the whole city. Traffic jams in the downtown areas were alleviated and road-by parking was well managed. Green waves were set in 14 main streets, which improved the traffic efficiency significantly.

4. The Reform of Administrative Examination and Approval System

Since the beginning of this year, the municipal government has made great efforts in streamlining administrative procedures, delegating power to lower levels and improving the efficiency of administrative examination and approval to enhance public service and development environment. First, decreasing items of administrative examination and approval. 157 large items and 198 small items of administrative examination and approval were delegated to county and district governments. 90 municipal items were canceled or adjusted. Second, strengthening the function of the administrative service center. After moving into the administrative service center, the accepting rate and the completion rate of administrative examination and approval reached 99.1% and 93.48% respectively, achieving the target of “Double 90%”issued by the provincial government. Third, simplifying and optimizing the procedures. The pre-construction examination and approval procedure was divided into three stages including decision-making consultation, design examination and construction plan examination to enhance the efficiency of examination and approval. The introduction of “6+1” and “8+X” consultation and examination system solved a lot of problems in time. According to the program of free agency service, 20 agents were responsible for 84 key projects and livelihood projects. Fourth, building standardized administrative examination and approval. Special examination and approval standard and operation mechanism were formulated while the implementation restriction was expanded. Fifth, regulating and improving the efficiency of agency service. A group of monopolistic agencies were introduced into the administrative service center. 6 agencies including environment assessment, energy-saving monitoring and budget examination are planned to settle in.

5.  The Establishment of National-Level Model City

To establish national-level model city, the government was making great efforts in policy improvement and task assignment. First, increasing financial support. The municipal government set up a 10-million-Yuan fund for quality development. It also formulated a governmental intervention system of quality and encouraged the enhancement of quality supervision and management. Second, strengthening quality supervision and enforcement. All departments, including food and drug supervision, administration for industry and commerce, quality supervision, agriculture, environmental protection and construction, carried out special actions to promote quality supervision. Third, connecting quality security to people's livelihood. The citizens of Ningbo are now satisfied with the quality of aspects connected with their livelihood such as products, projects and services. The air is cleaner than any time in the past ten years. Fourth, increasing publicity and creating atmosphere. All kinds of medias were mobilized to the publicity of quality culture and knowledge to invite the participation of citizens, companies and the government. Fifth, preparing for inspection and acceptance. All departments carried out the preparation work by internal examination, mistake correction and long-acting mechanism improvement. At present, all the promotion work for the establishment of national-level model city was launched for the provincial and national inspection and acceptance in the next step.

In addition, the municipal government also paid much attention to the other issues of work of public concern including production and food securities as well as environmental protection.

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