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ZJITS, CICGF and COF open today
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The 15th Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium, the 12th China International Consumer Goods Fair and the 6th China Opening Forum open today. 14,000 guests and merchants from 1103 countries and regions are gathering together in Ningbo. Last evening, the Organization Committee held a party for the guests home and abroad.

Attendants to the reception party include: Chen Deming, Director of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, Zhong Shan, Negotiator of International Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, Li Qiang, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Governor of Zhejiang, Guo Mingshe, Director of Planning of State Development Bank, Liu Qi, Member of Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Feng Ming, Vice Director of Zhejiang Standing Committee of the People's Congress, Liang Liming, Vice Governor of Zhejiang, Zhang Hongming, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, Lu Ziyue, Vice Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor of Ningbo, Tang Yijun, Chairman of Ningbo Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, and Li Weining, Secretary-general of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government.

The guests attending the party also include: Mahathir, Ex Premier Minister of Malaysia, Megyessy Peter, Ex Premier Minister of Hungary, Governor of Pilson State of Czech, Yaroslav de Wojick, President of Czech-China Friendship Association, Libor Saiqika, Czech Ambassador to China, Lei Zugang, Vice Chairman of Kaohsiung Committee of the Kuomintang, foreign ambassadors to China, officials of consulates in Shanghai, officials of sisterhood cities of Zhejiang, officials of related central government departments, officials of provinces and cities of China, representatives of famous international commercial chambers and companies, and related chiefs of Zhejiang government departments.

In his speech, Li Qiang said, Zhejiang is a lively place, one of the cities with greatest degree of marketing, vigorous economy and best investment environment in China. Zhejiang has great opportunities and potentials for merchants home and abroad. Zhejiang will further open to the outside world, improve its investment environment for the win-win development of investors home and abroad. Li expressed his belief that working together with the friends and guests, Zhejiang will be a more promising place for cooperators home and abroad.

Attendants to the reception party included Ningbo Municipal government officials Shou Yongnian, Zhou Xiaoyan, Wu Hemin, Hong Jiaxiang, Jiang Jianwei, Cui Xiuling and Wang Jianshe.

Highlights of ZJITS, CICGF and COF

■35 key foreign funded projects to be signed, involving investment totaling 11 billion yuan.

■To open the first China Zhejiang Import Goods Expo, with goods from 30 countries and regions.

 During the ZJITS, CICGF and COF this year, 35 key foreign funded projects will be signed, involving investment totaling 11 billion yuan. The highlights of the exhibition will include such parts as exhibition of pictures of opening and reform, exhibition of imported commodities, and promotion fair of Zhejiang tourism.

In this first exhibition of Zhejiang's Achievements in its Opening and Reform, the achievements will be displayed in products, models, and pictures. The first China Zhejiang Import Goods Expo covers an area of 16,800 square meters and it has delegations from 30 countries and regions including Germany and Mexico. The first Zhejiang Tourism Promotion Fair, hosted by Zhejiang Provincial Tourist Administration, Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Office, Ningbo Municipal Tourist Administration and Ningbo Overseas Chinese Office, will promote over 260 projects, with the total investment reaching 200 billion yuan. The first China Opening Forum will be in form of "1+X".

The trade cooperation between Ningbo and Taiwan will be a highlight of the fair. According to a related person of the Organization Committee, 5 delegations and over 240 Taiwan companies will come to China Zhejiang Import Goods Expo. The Taiwan delegations take one fourth of the total of exhibition stalls, and they will bring to the expo over 1,000 commodities of chemical materials, machinery, and food.

Jiangbei City Forum opened

Jiangbei welcomes first-line development developers to the "10+2" urban industrial functional zone.

 In the time of urbanization, how can Jiangbei district take the chances to develop? The other day, Forum of Jiangbei Urban Development 2013 opened in the Cultural Center of Jiangbei. Experts Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Construction and Ningbo Municipal Government and first-line developers gathered together to discuss on such topics as how Jiangbei to take the historical opportunities and turn itself into a core urban area of Ningbo.

This is the fifth time for Jiangbei to host the Forum of Urban Development during Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium. Apart from introductions by experts of the development potential and prospective of Jianbei, at the forum, the district put forward a number of key projects for developers, and introduced the developers to the progress of the "10+2" urban functional areas like the Jiangbei Core Waterside Area and Wantou Leisure and Business Area.

For the general public, the district also opened an exhibition of the forum also opened an exhibition of large real property projects.

15th Xiangshan Investment and Cooperation Promotion opened

 On June 7, 15th Xiangshan Investment and Cooperation Promotion, as a part of Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium, opened. At the promotion, 25 projects were signed on the site, whose contract value reaches 9.2 billion yuan.

Of the 25 projects signed, 9 are foreign funded ones, with the total investment reaching 239 million US dollars, and the contract value 63.6 million US dollars. The projects are of new materials, food processing, marine biology and logistics. The investors are mainly from Columbia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. On of these projects is Bao-Xiang Logistic Processing Park, a project of 127 US dollars by Baogang Engineering Construction Company. On the same day, 16 domestic projects were signed, with the investment totaling 7.79 billion US dollars, and the contract capital totaling 7.33 billion yuan. One of these projects is Xiangshan Movie and TV Studio of Zhejiang Broadcast and TV Bureau, with its investment reaching 1 billion yuan.

Jinhua has a number of projects signed at ZITS

 On the afternoon of June 7, opened Jinhua Investment Environment Promotion Conference, at which 16 foreign funded projects of 848 million dollars were signed.

Jinhua is located in the middle of Zhejiang, with convenient traffic, well complete market system and good industrial conditions. It has Yiwu International Commodities City under its administration. The 16 projects signed involve equipment manufacturing, automobile, electronic information, new energies, e-business, tourism, machinery and home appliance industry.

Lishui has 11 projects signed

On the afternoon of June 7, Lishui Delegation for the ZJITS, CICGF and COF opened its business invitation conference at Jingang Hotel. At the conference, 11 projects were signed, including the projects of Taiwan Baodao LED Lighting Project, the ecological village and the airport industrial park, with the contract value reaching 193 million US dollars. The projects range from new energies, biological medicine to tourism.

Kuche tourism promotion conference opened

Ningbo-Kuche airline is to open on July 3.

 On June 7, Kuche tourism promotion conference opened in Ningbo. From July 3, Eastern Airlines will open the airline between Ningbo, Urumqi and Keche. Ningbo is to organize travel agencies to Kuche for opening new programs.

Kuche was an important town on the ancient Silk Road with important military position, well known for its long history and natural landscape. Kuche is the "one-to-one assistance" city of Ningbo. In recent two years, the two cities have deepened their cooperation in tourism planning, business invitation, talent training and management.

With the approaching of the summer tourist season, Ningbo has had 6 cities promoting their tourism programs in Ningbo. These cities include Kuche of Xijiang, Taegu of South Korea, Marrakesh of Morocco, and Tonglu and Yuhang of Zhejiang.


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