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China Weather TV (Ningbo Emergency) opened
2012-05-27Text Size: A A A

China Weather TV (Ningbo Emergency) officially opened. China Weather TV is a 24 hour professional digital web TV weather channel by China Meteorological Administration. It is organized by China Meteorological Administration and jointly undertaken by the weather bureaus of provinces of China.

China Weather TV (Ningbo Emergency) will broadcast all day weather forecast and emergency pre-warning, information of disaster prevention and control, and the information will updated all the time. The 24-hour service of the TV channel will make transparent the measures governments take for emergencies. The channel starts 6:56 every day, one time every 30 minutes, 3 minutes for each broadcast. That is, updated Ningbo weather information will broadcast at the 26th  minute and 56th  minute of every hour. The channel closes at 22:59.


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