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The First World "Ningbo-Bang" Conference News Release
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1. Date

This conference lasts 3 days from April 13th to 15th.

2. Theme

Pioneers in the world- Contributors to the hometown.

3. Guest Invited

Up to now, this session confirmed the attendance of 1072 guests, including: 46 representatives from Ningbo economic and trade promotion council; 222"Ningbo-Bang" members from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas; 261 Ningbo merchants representatives; 457 Ningbo's private enterprises representatives; 56 representatives of foreign-invested enterprises in Ningbo; 30 representatives from provincial, ministry, and municipal state-owned enterprises.

4. Agenda

1. On the afternoon of April 13th, municipal government leaders will meet "Ningbo-Bang" delegates.

2. On the evening of April 13th, the municipal government will hold reception banquet, with performances themed "Welcome Ningbo-Bang back home".

3. April 14th, the First World "Ningbo-Bang" conference will be held in Ningbo Grand Theatre. Participants include all the leaders and guests the conference has invited, and personnel from relevant departments of all governmental levels in Ningbo, 1,300 media reporters. The conference will arrange for the contract signing ceremony of the investment project.

4. On the afternoon of April 14, the investment project promotion and policy statement meeting will be held to introduce the Ningbo investment environment and policies as well as key investment platforms and projects of the promotion.

5. We will hold the special exhibition of Ningbo-Bang’s history since reform and opening up “Travel around the world in good faith, serve hometown by sincerity.” Delegates will visit the exhibition in batches. We also welcome the visiting of media friends.

6. On April 15th, representatives from all counties (cities), districts, and relevant functional areas will conduct inspection visit.

5. Contracting and Investment Projects

1. Contracted projects. 20 contracted projects with a total investment of 28.2 billion yuan, including 12 manufacturing projects with a total investment of 18.3 billion yuan. Except for the 100 million yuan investment of Ninghai strategic emerging industry projects, the others' investments vary from 500 million yuan to 10.5 billion yuan, 8 of which exceed10 billion yuan.

2. Investment attracting projects. The current session of the conference has selected150 key investment projects which have a certain quality and depth, with a total investment estimated at about 220 billion yuan, and is divided into six categories. Among them there are 29 industrial transformation and upgrading projects, 22 strategic merging industry projects, 80 projects of modern service industry, 6 modern agriculture project, 7 infrastructure projects, and 6 people's livelihood projects.

  Ningbo entrepreneurs present the unique advantage, the valuable wealth as well as the backbone of the social and economic development in Ningbo. Over the years, generations of Ningbo entrepreneurs pioneer in business and commercial industries. On top of that, a host of business magnates and celebrities emerge and are widely known both home and broad. In August 1984, Deng Xiaoping, China’s prime minister at that time, called on Ningbo entrepreneurs around the globe to work together to develop Ningbo and then notably inspired Ningbo entrepreneurs to love their country and city more and contribute more to the future generations. Over the past 30 years, on the one hand, Ningbo entrepreneurs all over the world pioneered in the new business circles and started up their own businesses innovatively and enabled the Ningbo merchants to be the noted business groups around the world; on the other hand, they provided funding, exerted their efforts, and contributed their ideas to vigorously construct and prosper their hometown in various channels and means. They have become an important workforce in advancing the economic and social development in Ningbo.

  The most fundamental reason why Ningbo business group can survive and its spirit can be immortal is that most Ningbo entrepreneurs abroad have affection for their hometown. The spirit of Ningbo business group formed in the process of tough starting-up, especially the spirit of pioneering, sincerity, patriotism, starting-up and innovation, are honored and respected by the people. The convention of the first conference of World Ningbo Business Group represents three core points as follows: first,

1. Carry forward the spirit, which is to further promote long-standing spirit of "Ningbo-Bang"; 2. Gathering strength. That is to gather up the enormous power of the patriotic "Ningbo-Bang" at home and abroad; 3. Building the hometown. That is to build up a better future for Ningbo by focusing on the ambitious goals put forward at the 12th Congress of Ningbo City.

  The current and coming period is of great significance to the development of Ningbo. It is also an important stage for Ningbo to basically realize modernization from a moderately-prosperous society in all respects. Standing on the threshold of a new development, we will make full use of the advantages of “Ningbo-Bang”, vigorously carry forward the spirit of “Ningbo-Bang”, unite all aspects of strength, wisdom, and stimulate enthusiasm, thus laying the solid base for the sustaining development of Ningbo, opening the source for the economic restructuring and development, finally achieving a new leap of Ningbo's modernization.

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