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2011 China (Ningbo) Smart City Technology and Application Expo
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The 2011 China (Ningbo) Smart City Technology and Applications Expo (hereafter Smart Expo), with the theme of “Gathering Smart Applications and Building Smart Cities”, is to be put on for three days in Ningbo. Through exhibitions, fairs and forums, it will showcase new technologies, new products and new achievements in smart city construction and explores new ideas, new models, and new experience in the field, making itself a big platform for exhibition, communication and cooperation. This is a grand event for the city’s drive of building a smart city and presents a great opportunity for Ningbo to seek cooperation and expand cooperation in smart industries. It is sure to lay lasting impact on the development of a smart city in Ningbo.

With a whole year’s meticulous preparation, the Smart Expo is ready to go. Compared with expos of information industry in China, the Smart Expo is high-profiled and more varied and colorful, no matter in sponsors, exhibitors and distinguished guests. It will mainly take the following features.

Firstly, high-profiled. The Smart Expo is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the CAS, the CAE, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and Ningbo Municipality. State and provincial leaders as well as representatives of the eight parties will witness the opening of the Expo or participate in the forums.

Secondly, activities varied. The Smart Expo has an agenda of varied theme activities. The exhibitions will be held at four halls of the Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. The four halls are the Theme Hall (with Smart City Theme Exhibition and Corporation Image Exhibition) and three exhibitions by the three big telecom operators. The four halls fall into 10 zones, which are about Smart City construction achievements, software and smart technological achievements, large corporations, smart city management, smart household exhibition, smart telecom network systems, internet of things industry, software services, smart industrial equipment, smart healthcare, etc. The exhibition area totals 21000 m2. An estimated number of 10000 professional clients and 25000 common visitors will come to the expo.

Concurrently, one summit and four other forums will be held. The summit forum-Smart City Development Summit will discuss on the latest development of related industries, orientation of the industrial development, fore-front studies, and latest technical standards, etc. The four forums are smart health care forum, smart equipment forum, forum on convergence of three networks, the 3rd China electronic services cum 2011 Ningbo Smart Product Design Competition Awarding Ceremony.

In addition, the Smart Expo will have the launch ceremony of Ningbo Smart City Development Consultative Committee and the review meeting on smart city development assessment indexes.

Thirdly, highly international. 310 corporations and transnational will exhibit themselves in the Smart Expo, 70% of which are famous IT manufacturers home and abroad, including 12 World Top 500 ones. Apart from domestic tycoons of China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, IBM, Microsoft, Bell, NEC, TATA, Nokia, SOFTFOUNDRY, CHT, Far Eastone, Huawei, Zhongxing, INSPUR, NEUSOFT, Datang Mobile, etc, will participate in the Expo.

For the forum, distinguished guests and scholars to attend include Prof. Pan Yunhe, vice chairman of CAE , Mr. Wang Qinmin, standing member of CPPCC and vice chairman China Public Interest Party (Zhigongdang) standing vice president, Prof. Chen Shiqing- academician with the American Academy of Engineering, Prof. He Jifeng from CAS, Mr. Xie Jingsong, chairman of IDA . Other personages to come include Sun Buqun, president of IBM Greater China and CEO, Wu Xijiu, president of US Green Energy Council, Mr. Zheng Shengqing from Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute and Sun Bushu, president of Inspur Group. Their insights on  construction of smart cities, the internet of things, cloud computing, smart health, etc, are sure to open up new horizons for Ningbo.

 In addition, the expo will have guests from the US, Britain, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The representatives of many systems such as CAS, the economy and the information work committees of counterpart cities and Zhejiang, together with some top enterprises and the top three operators of communication will come to the Expo.

Fourthly, leading-edge of exhibitions. The Smart Expo shall gather the state-of-the-art technologies and applications, which will present a feast of high technology for visitors.

Each of the three telecom tycoons will have an exhibition area of over 500 m2 at the Expo. The China Telecom Hall will take the form of a sphere, with the exterior walls giving the effect of Water Cube. It consists of seven sections: Smart City, Smart Livelihood, Internet of Things Premium Products, Smart Transportation, Smart Home, Smart Agriculture and E-Surfing, giving a concentrated display of its advantage of Internet of Things, cloud computing and comprehensive services. The China Mobile Hall is a future mobile town that can breathe. TD-LTE technology will be showcased, which can efficiently improve applications of mobile Internet and Internet of Things with wireless high-speed band width, thus providing strong support of smart city development. The China Unicom Hall uses a giant screen wall that can change color, using interactive multimedia tools. The simple lines depict the blueprint for smart cities. It comprises five zones, giving a 360-degree display of various smart applications.

Some 60 experts with 17 institutes of CAS will present their research items at the Expo, including automobile night vision system, video surveillance smart application system, radio and TV audio identification system, etc. The Taiwan Hall will present a number of novelty applications, such as smart homecare and smart campus, Miway automobile log machine, etc. The  Datang Mobile Hall will showcase GPS vehicle positioning, multi-media information release system, smart household, etc. In the section of Internet of Things, various latest applications will be presented.

Fifthly, cooperation highlighted. The Smart Expo is deemed a good platform, by which the city can do better the work of introducing investment. Various contract signing ceremonies will be held. Zhejiang People’s Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information and AQSIQ(General Administration of Quality Supervision) will enter into contracts on cooperation of smart technology. Ningbo Municipality will start cooperative projects, such as the Cloud Computing Project with Sugon, the cloud computing project with INSPUR Group, data exchange project with GDS which is to located at the Hangzhou Bay New Area, Smart Transportation Research Center between SINOBPO and Samsung and so on, ranging various aspects of smart application system and smart industrial base development, with the contractual investment totaling six billion yuan. 

In 2010, Ningbo took the lead in building a smart city in China and set the development of a smart city as an important task in the 12th Five-Year Plan of the City. It has made a Six-Speeding Up Strategy. Recently, it made an action plan for smart city development for 2011 to 2015. During the 12th five-year period, Ningbo shall construct an info highway network that covers anywhere and is accessible anytime. It aims to set up 10 smart application systems of smart logistics, smart manufacturing, smart trade, smart energy, smart public services, smart social management, smart transport, smart healthcare, smart home services, and smart cultural services. It plans to establish a network data base, a software development and spreading base, a base of smart equipment production and product design, demo base of smart services, demo base of smart agriculture and smart corporate headquarter base. Hopefully, the Smart Expo can further promote the spreading of new ideas of smart city construction, and the sharing of new technologies, new products and new achievements. It is also hoped that cooperation and exchanges can become wider and more extensive.

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