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Ningbo completed all tasks of pollutant discharge reduction
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In the 11th Five-year-plan Period, all related departments of Ningbo worked on the basis of unity of thoughts, and took pollutant discharge reduction as an important way to apply "Scientific Outlook on Development" so as to speed up the structural adjustment and transfer the development mode. In line with the general principle of "objects, structural adjustment and strict supervision", the city has taken various means and deepened the pollutant discharge reduction on an orderly way. With 5 years' efforts, the city has completed all the tasks of the reduction of the discharge of the two principal pollutants (COD and sulfur dioxide) set in the 11th Five-year Plan.

In 2010, the discharge of COD in Ningbo is 110,900 tons, dropping by 15.17% against 2009 (130,700 tons), and 47.99% against 2009 (213,300 tons); the emission of sulfur dioxide in the same year is 41,000 tons, dropping by 7.75% against 2009 (44,500 tons) and 21.50% against 2005 (52,200 tons) . During the 11th five-year plan period, Ningbo ranks No.1 in the country for the rate of COD discharge reduction, and No.1 in Zhejiang for the sulfur dioxide emission reduction rate. In 2010, Ningbo scored 81.3 points in the examination of the operation of the monitoring systems of the principal pollutants discharge, ranking the first in Zhejiang.

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