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About the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival
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The 15th Ningbo International Fashion Fair is going to open soon. Making "Innovation of Fashion and Ningbo" the theme and following the principle of "making the festival promote the industry", the festival will have a series of activities like the fashion trade, fashion show, show of fashion trend, summit forum and information release and so on. With these activities, the festival is aimed to be a great event for the development of the fashion industry, for the win-win cooperation, and for the enhancement of the friendship of Ningbo with friends from home and abroad.

Following the principle of letting the festival and the fair serve the industry, and aiming to promote the industrial upgrading, The main activities for the festival are as follows.

1, The opening ceremony of the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival and the "Youngor Night" theme performance. On the evening of October 19, after the opening ceremony of the festival will be the performance named after Youngor Company. With the aim to display the 15-year history of the festival, to carry forward the fashion culture of Ningbo, and to display the prospects of the fashion industry of Ningbo, the performance will take various means like the shows of the famous stars, famous models, famous companies and famous brands to create a colorful stage effect so as to create a warm atmosphere for the festival.

2, The 15th Ningbo International Fashion Fair. This is the core of the festival and an important event as a professional trade activity of the textile and fashion industry of China. Ningbo International Fashion Fair is to open in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center from October 20 to 23. The fair is to open in 6 exhibition halls of Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center, with 2,200 exhibition stalls in 8 exhibition areas of men's ware, women's ware, children's ware, brand clothes, OEM clothes, clothes machinery and materials and accessories, international brand clothes, and clothes for direct sales. The products on the fair range from garments, clothes machines, cloth materials, and clothes CAD. There will be 316 brands of 392 enterprises from over 20 provinces of China like Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong and over 10 countries and regions including UK, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. There will be over 12 professional activities and 19 fashion shows. By the activities of displaying the fashion trend, releasing newest designs, and showing of famous brand products, the fair aims to be a platform for the sales, trade cooperation, brand promotion and information exchanges of the fashion industry. Over 10,000 people of the fashion industry from home and abroad will meet in Ningbo, and by this platform they can promote the industrial upgrading of the garment industry, raise the comprehensive strength of the industry and the market competitiveness.

3, The series of business activities of the fashion industry. For the service of the fashion industry, a series of activities will be organized during the festival like China Fashion Summit Forum, fashion trend conference, fashion trade, the E-business fashion purchasing fair, and an international symposium of fashion and movies.

4, The opening of Ningbo Hengfeng Creative Square. Ningbo Hengfeng Creative Square is an important step that Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government have taken to meet the demand of the urbanization of the city, to implement the "central promotion" strategy, to accelerate the construction of a creative city and to promote the image of the city. With the square, the city aims to promote the upgrading of enterprises, accelerate the transformation of the city from a city strong in manufacturing to a city strong in designing and thus promote the industrial transformation and upgrading. The construction of the square started from April 9, 2009. After the opening ceremony of the square will open an on-the-spot meeting on promoting industrial designing transformation and upgrading.

5, The Youth Fashion Cultural Festival. Following the theme "Youth for the future of China, fashion for the happiness of tomorrow", the Youth Fashion Cultural Festival is to concentrate on the fashion culture of the youth with a series of activities of fashion culture, to guide the fashion trend of the young, to have the culture attractive to the young people and to promote the healthy fashion culture and living style among the people. The Youth Fashion Cultural Festival 2011 will have four events: the "Pioneer Cup China Youth Fashion Design Contest 2011", the Symposium of Youth Fashion and the Sprit of Times, China (Ningbo) Wedding Ceremony Show 2011, and the 11th Ningbo Children's Fashion Cultural Festival.

6, Activities in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the fashion festival. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, the city will make use of the media of the internet, newspapers and TV to launch such activities as the election by experts and citizens of the 15 important individuals and events that contribute to the development of the fashion industry of Ningbo, the election of the 15 most liked fashion brands of Ningbo, and the competition of old photos of the fashion festival. These activities aim to review the history of the fashion industry of Ningbo the history of the festival in the past years, and the future of the industry. So far, with the participation of experts and citizens, the election of the 15 important events of the Ningbo International Fashion Fair and the election of the 15 most liked fashion brands of Ningbo have been completed and will be released at the festival. The outstanding individuals and designers have been reported in the press. The collection of old photos has been finished and they will be exhibited in the opening ceremony and at the exhibition center.

7, The closing ceremony of the fashion festival. On the evening of October 23 will open the closing ceremony of the fashion festival. At the ceremony, Peacebird, a new star of China's fashion industry and the initiator of "fast fashion", will give a fashion show, displaying the promising future of the fashion of Ningbo.

Following the principle of being economical and pragmatic, the preparation of the festival is featured for the combination of efficiency and quality, with such features and highlights as follows.

1, Making the festival serve the industrial development. Following the principle of "concentrating on the industry, serving the industry and promoting the industry", the festival takes as its goal to promote industrial upgrading of the garment industry. The 15th Ningbo International Fashion Fair aims to be a platform for the sales, trade cooperation, brand promotion and information exchanges of the fashion enterprises. With the efforts by the government and the enterprises, the Ningbo International Fashion Fair is today the first professional fashion fair in east China that is approved by UFI and a national A-Grade exhibition. It covers the products of the whole industry including the men's ware, women's ware, chidren's ware, business ware, leisure ware, clothes materials, cloth machinery and fashion trend show and so on. It is a model in the fashion fairs of China. Compared with the last sessions, the fair this year will make a change that it is more balanced in the exhibition of men's ware, women's ware and children's ware, as a result of the diversified development of the fashion industry of Ningbo. At the China Fashion Summit Forum, the experts and entrepreneurs will have dialogues about the transform and upgrading of the industry. During the festival, there will be 25 fashion shows, 19 in the Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center and 6 in Donggang Sheraten Hotel. These shows will be great opportunities for the enterprises and designers to learn from each other and for attracting consumers.

2, Running the festival with joint efforts of the government and enterprises. For the goal to benefit the industry, to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and to promote the development of the industry, the preparation of the festival has gained great support from many fashion enterprises. In the meanwhile, Ningbo Municipal Economic Information Commission has taken active measures to integrate various resources, to innovate the mechanism, to promote the cooperation of the government and enterprises, and to explore the way for the market-oriented management of the festival. Youngor Group is a sponsor of the festival and it will appear in the activities like the Ningbo International Fashion Fair and the opening ceremony. Peacebird is a sponsor for in the closing ceremony. The participation by so many brand enterprises in the preparation of the festival is the first case in the history of the festival. Besides, the Ningbo International Fashion Fair has also made great progress in the commercial management of the fair. Three years ago the executive unit was chosen by competition and agreement for three years was signed. Today, the running of the fair is more market oriented.

3, Highlighting innovative designing. As the theme "Innovation of Fashion and Ningbo" shows, innovative designing is the highlight of the festival. The innovative feature of the festival is to be reflected in the opening of Hefeng Innovative Square. The Organizing Committee of Ningbo International Fashion Fair will cooperate with China Textile Information Center to release the trend of materials for 2012-2013 and organize activities for the new star designers of China. 11 new star designers will release their works. The "Pioneer Cup" China Youth Fashion Design Contest 2011will be a great stage for the young fashion designers of China. The show of graduation project works by students of Zhejiang Vocational College of Textile and Clothes and a UK textile and garment college will be made. Besides, the Organizing Committee will organize an election of 15 designers from Ningbo fashion enterprises. All these actives are for the purpose of encouraging the innovative talents of the Ningbo fashion industry.

4, Opening of Exhibition Area of Women's Ware. Ningbo's fashion industry started with men's clothes, and Ningbo has always occupied the first place in men's ware manufacturing in the country. In recent year, Ningbo has seen a prosperous development in women's ware manufacturing, and there have appeared a number of famous brands. This year, the fair for the first time has a hall for women's ware, which will display local Ningbo brands like Peacebird, Fiocco, DME, SV, and Esback, and also famous brands from other cities like Cathaya, Misavogue, BELLVILLES, and Nabee.

5, The E-business fashion purchasing fair. In order to help enterprises to innovate the market model, the E-business fashion purchasing fair will open in the fashion festival. To the fair will come some famous on-line websites like M18, Masamaso, the website of Yintime, QQ Market, and China Clothes Website. Such a large scale arrangement for traditional enterprises and web shops is the first one in the history of the fair and the first case of fashion fairs in China.

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