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13th Ningbo International Fashion Festival Opens
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The 13th Ningbo International Fashion Festival will open from October 21 to 25 in 2009. The Fashion Festival has such activities as the International Fashion Expo, the Fashion of Peacebird, China Youth Fashion Week and a series of other fashion cultural events. The Fashion Expo opened on October 22 is an important part of the festival. The Expo has 2,200 international standard exhibition stalls and it is participated in by 386 enterprises from over 10 countries and regions with over 130 brands, including men's ware, women's ware, leisure ware, children’s ware, cloth materials, clothes machines and clothes components.
On October 21, Ningbo Municipal Government held a press conference, announcing the opening of the 13th Ningbo International Fashion Festival. The fashion festival opens during the global financial crisis and so, it aims to promote the confidence of the enterprises, explore the home and foreign markets, and promote the industrial transformation. With the purposes of popularizing the fashion conception, and ensuring the growth and structural adjustment, it aims to promote and update the clothes industry of China.
Another important part of the festival is the China Youth Fashion Week, which includes such activities as the Cultural Week and the opening ceremony of the 9th Ningbo Children’s Fashion Cultural Festival and the 9th Ningbo Children’s Fashion Cultural Festival. It aims to carry on the innovative culture, promote the fashion of the young, and promote the innovative industry and the clothes industry.
During the festival, there will be a series of events including a fashion show, a fashion collection conference, a series of lectures on fashion, and the opening of Ningbo Clothes Museum. It is noted that the CCTV “Happy Travel in China will come to Ningbo and give a large show in Fuban Gym.
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