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Yong Opera Wife in Pawn Accepted as National Top Stage Artistic Work(July 5, 2007)
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    According to Chai Ying, Director of Ningbo Municipal Cultural, Broadcasting and TV Bureau, last year, Yong Opera “dian qi” (Wife in Pawn) was listed as one of the 30 “2006-2007 National Top Stage Artistic Works” and this year, it will get the acceptance check by the leading group of the national top stage artistic works and is expected to be one of the top ten of the artistic works.
    Yong Opera “dian qi” was written and put on stage in June 2002 in memory of the 70th anniversary of Mr. Rushi’s assassination and the 100th anniversary of his birth. Since its performance in public, it has moved numerous audiences for its delicate technique and aesthetic style and has been praised by many dramatists in the country as a “milestone work in the history of Yongju Opera. Since then, it has been awarded as the 8th China Cao Yu Drama Prize, the 9th Five-one Project Prize of the Publicity Department of CCCP, the Prize of China Drama Association, Lu Xun Literary and Art Prize, and the Wenhua Prize of the 7th China Art Festival, being a historic breakthrough as winners of many prizes in the country. So far, “dian qi” has been shown for 101 times in Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Shaoxing, Zhoushan and other cities and favorably received by audience of all ages and educational backgrounds. It has also been shown, the first case in the history of Yongju Opera, in Hong Kong, Taiwan and European countries. It has been praised by Aachen audiences as “the best Chinese Italian opera”. “dian qi” is now a name card of Ningbo culture.
    With “dian qi” as a candidate of the 30 “2006-2007 National Top Stage Artistic Works”, Ningbo is now in the front list of cultural and artistic production in China and gets a new opportunity for Ningbo to promote its culture. Over the past year from its candidacy to its acceptance, “dian qi” will be carefully polished so as to pass the acceptance check by the leading group of the national top stage artistic works. At present, preparations for the acceptance check are going on smoothly.
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