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Ningbo to Host the 3rd China International Electronic and Household Appliance Exhibition(July 13, 2007)
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    The 3rd China International Electronic and Household Appliance Exhibition (hereafter called the 3rd Ningbo House Appliance Exhibition) will be open from September 15 to 17 in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center.
    The 3rd Ningbo House Appliance Exhibition is of great significance in Ningbo’s efforts to turn itself into an international exhibition city.
    In the first place, to host Ningbo Household Appliance Exhibition conforms to Ningbo Government’s efforts to promote its exhibition industry with the import and export trade as its core, for electronic and household appliance industry is a distinct feature of Ningbo’s industries. In the second place, to host the Ningbo Household Appliance Exhibition can meet the demand of building an international trade platform, and this platform is strategically important for Ningbo. In the last place, Ningbo has hosted the exhibition for two years and the exhibition is the largest of its kind in the Changjiang River Delta and it is honored as China Top 100 Exhibitions and Ningbo Top Ten Exhibition, and many exhibitionists have been benefited by the exhibition.
    The exhibition this year will offer 1,700 international standard stalls, with a floorage of about 40,000 sq meters. The exhibits are of three categories: household appliances, household accessories and information technological products. 1,800 foreign professional household purchasers 2,000 domestic purchasers and over 13,000 professionals will be invited to the exhibition.
    The preparation for the 3rd Ningbo Household Appliance Exhibition started in October last year. Since then, Ningbo has made great efforts to popularize the exhibition. Cooperated with 34 professional mass media such as Alibaba, Ningbo has promoted the exhibition in 10 exhibitions including the 68th China Electronic Exhibition. Invitation to the exhibition has been made not only in traditional ways, but also in new ways. So far, Ningbo has signed an agreement with a third party which should invite at least 20 exhibitionists for Ningbo and their purchasing value should be over 50 million yuan. Invitation letters to 10,000 exhibitionists and 3,750 European and American import and export companies have been delivered. Invitation to the exhibitionists from focal cities such as Shanghai is been made. Applications by enterprises outside Ningbo are far more than the last year. Invitation to Ningbo enterprises has also started.


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