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Ningbo to Conduct a Series of Activities in Celebration of the 2nd Cultural Heritage Day
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Ningbo Publishes Blue Book of Heritages Ningbo Starts General Survey of Intangible Cultural Heritages

    Information Office of Ningbo Municipal Government today held a news conference on Ningbo 2nd Cultural Heritage Day. At the conference, Zou Daming, spokesman of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, News and Press said that this year, Ningbo Municipal Committee of the CPC and Ningbo Municipal Government attach great importance to the protection of cultural heritages. In the 11th Party conference and the recently closed 11th people’s congress and the People's Political Consultative Conference, the protection and construction of the historical and cultural heritages were all in the agenda. In the first and second executive meetings of the newly elected municipal government, such items as legislation of cultural heritage, general survey of cultural heritage and application for cultural heritage and so on were all on the agenda. With the support of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the city will conduct a series of activities around June 9 in celebration of the 2nd Cultural Heritage Day of China.
    The series of activities is to be hosted by Ningbo Municipal Culture, Radio TV and News Bureau, jointly with the Yinzhou Culture, Radio, TV and news departments of the districts, counties and cities of Ningbo. Ningbo Cultural Heritage Protection Institution, Ninngbo Mass Arts Center, Tianyi Pavilion Library Museum, Baoguo Temple Museum, Preparatory Office of Ningbo Museum, Ningbo Museum Association, and Ningbo Cultural Heritage Supervision Administration will be undertakers of the activities. Themed on “Protecting cultural heritages and construction a harmonious society”, the celebration will be made in 7 categories of about 30 activities of forums, square shows, exhibitions and so on. The celebration aims to raise the awareness of the responsibilities of the society on cultural heritage protection, and promote the participation of the government and the general population in the protection of cultural heritages.
    Major activities include: square show on the 2nd cultural heritage day, and ceremony of the initiation of the 3rd general survey of cultural heritage and the ceremony of the initiation of the general survey of intangible cultural heritage to be held on Zhongshan Square on the morning of June 9, the cultural heritage popularity undertaken by Tianyi Pavilion Library Museum, Baoguo Temple Museum, Hemudu Museum, Zhenhai Coastal Defense Museum, and Ningbo Clothes Museum, visit to archaeological excavation sites, donation to the Ningbo Museum under construction, lectures on cultural heritages, and the Tokyo-Ningbo Painting Exhibition in Tianyi Pavilion from June 8 to 10 and so on.

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