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The 5th CHFE Furniture Exposition
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    Large Scale Pioneering Furniture Exposition of the CHFE
    The Furniture Expo will have an exhibition area as large as 20,000 sq m, with 1,000 exhibition booths. The exhibits cover all products of furniture industry including kitchenware, household textile and cloth works, floor boards, fittings, and household decorating materials. The Furniture Expo, as a major part of the CHFE, is the first exhibition held in summer, and the largest furniture show in Zhejiang Province.
    An Exposition of Famous Brand Products
    A summer exhibition as it is, the Furniture Expo is a great attraction for furniture makers. All the exhibition stalls had been ordered up one month ago by about 300 famous brands from Mainland China and Hong Kong.
    A Would-be Cradle of Brand Furniture
    As an exposition for large numbers of mainstay products of large enterprises, the Furniture Expo is also platform for the new brand products and the products of those middle and small enterprises to enter the market of Ningbo and Zhejiang. Therefore, this regionally influential exposition is a great attraction for many growing enterprises and those that hope to reenter Ningbo market.
    A Link of Furniture Manufacturers and Consumers
    Different from some exhibitions that favor exhibition more than business, the Furniture Expo has made great efforts to attract the large furniture consuming provinces and furniture export bases, so as to promote the brand management of the products from the production bases. The purpose is to link the production bases in the Zhujiang River Delta, the Changjiang River Delta and Northeast China and to offer a channel for the manufacturers and investors.
    Promotion of Permanent Furniture Exhibition
    This year, Ningbo New Century Furniture Market has rented an exhibition hall of over 1,000 sq m, to promote the brand of the market.
    Common People will be the Focus of the Expo
    Following the motto of “guiding production and consumption, creating fortune, and building brands”, the Furniture Expo will, for the first time, have a Forum of Housing, where furniture professionals will give lectures to furniture consumers. The forum will be held at 2:30, July 7, 2007 in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center for those people to learn how to buy furniture.
    For the convenience of the visitors to the expo, as a usual practice, free busses will be offered between Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center and Hy-mall, Phoenix Theatre, and Hoyodo Supermarket.
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