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Ningbo Juveniles’ Art Festival to Start Soon(May 23,2007)
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   According to Zou Daming, spokesman of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, News and Press, Ningbo Juveniles’ Art Festival, a grand event for all the young persons of Ningbo, is to be conducted soon. 
   The themes of the Juveniles’ Art Festival are “Solitude, Health, Growth, Participation, and Happiness”. The festival will offer a series of colorful activities to the young population.
   Participated by quite a few departments, the festival will last for over three months and therefore be capable of offering plenty of activities. The festival is jointly organized by the Propaganda Department of Ningbo Municipal Committee of the CPC, Ningbo Municipal Education Commission, Ningbo Municipal Cultural, Broadcasting and TV Bureau and the Ningbo Youth League. The hosts for the festival include Ningbo Library, Ningbo Youth and Children’s Palace, Ningbo Television Station, Ningbo Radio, Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore, Ningbo Evening, Ningbo Yifu Theatre, Baiyun Children’s Theatre, Ningbo Grand Theatre and Ningbo Film Company. The festival will start from May 24 and end on August 31. The activities are in eight categories of reading, chorus, painting, lecturing, broadcasting, movie and TV, community life, performance and creative activities.


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