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General Plan of 11th Ningbo Fashion Festival Decided(April 28, 2007)
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Zhang Songcai, News Spokesman of Ningbo Municipal Government declares that the 11th Ningbo International Fashion Festival is to open between October 22 and October 25, 2007. Recently, the general plan of the 11th Ningbo International Fashion Festival has been accepted by the executive meeting of the municipal government.

During the festival, a series of activities concerning garment industry will be held. The 11th China International Garment Fair, to be held from October 22 to 25 in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center, will offer over 2,200 exhibition booths, and invite 8,500 professional purchasers home and abroad, and 100 trade delegations. The activities include 2007 China Fashion Forum, 2008 China Spring and Summer Collection Show, and others.

The German Culture Week during the festival will invite some mayors of related German cities to Ningbo, The Sino-Germany Development and Cooperation Forum will invite some German exhibition experts, CEOs and experts of large exhibitions and entrepreneurs. The activities during the festival also include German Famous Fashion Show, German Famous Fashion Show, Conference on China-Germany Fashion Enterprise Cooperation, election of Chinese and German goodwill messengers, Carnival of German Beer, exchanges of Chinese and German schools, Chinese and German Photo Shows, German Art Performance, and German Film Week and so on.

The cultural activities concerning garment industry will include the 4th China Youth Fashion Week, Pioneer Cup 2007 Chinese Youth Fashion Design Competition, 2007 Chinese Youth Most Favorite Fashion, the 7th Ningbo Juvenile Fashion Cultural Festival, and 2007 Chinese Young Cultural Experts Forum and so on.

The management of the festival will be pragmatic, centralizing on Ningbo’s goal to turn itself into a modern international port city. The concepts for the festival will be “for the people, the garment profession, foreign trade and friendship”.

For the pragmatic purpose, the festival will not have the opening ceremony, but in place of the opening ceremony a reception party and artistic performance will be held to add to the atmosphere of the festival. All these arrangements are for the purposes of promoting the industry, expanding the garment industrial chains, and updating the image of the city. The Germany Cultural Week is expected to strengthen the exchanges of Ningbo and German cities and increase the international influence of Ningbo. The festival will encourage of the participation of the common people. and for this purpose, the festival will hold 2007 Chinese Youth Most Favorite Fashion Election, Lanling Opera Fashion Show, Public Square Fashion Show for the entertainment of the mass.

Richness and colorfulness will be another feature of the festival. It is expected that 2007 China (Ningbo) Fashion Industry International Cooperation Forum, the 2007 China Fashion Forum 2008 China Spring and Summer Collection Show will promote the development of the garment industry, enrich the lives of the people of Nignbo, update the image of Ningbo, and actively promote the cultural exchanges with other countries.

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