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Intellectual Property Rights Protection to Promote Innovation and Development(April 26, 2007)
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  According to Ningbo Office of Organizational Committee of Intellectual Property Rights Protection Popularity Week, , Ningbo Municipal Government is to hold 2007 News Conference on Intellectual Property Protection in Nanyuan Hotel on May 26.
  April 26 is the World Intellectual Property Day. Since 2004, various activities for the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Popularity Week have been held from April 20 to April 26 every year in China. The theme for the Intellectual Property Week this year is to protect intellectual rights and promote innovation and development.
  Ningbo Municipal Committee and Government have always attached great importance to the work of intellectual property rights protection, taking it as a key measure in its efforts to transform the economic growth mode and construct an innovation-oriented city. And on this base, Ningbo has taken positive measures to practice intellectual property rights protection strategies. In recent years, all localities and departments of Ningbo have taken a series of measures including enforcing the law of intellectual property rights protection and heightening the awareness of the society in this respect and optimized the innovation-oriented development of the city. In 2006, Ningbo yielded notable results:  it passed the national assessment as an experimental city for intellectual property rights protection, it was honored as “Capital of Famous Brands of China” for successfully two years, and Ningbo Municipal Complaint and Service Center of Intellectual Property is elected “National Advanced Unit”.
  This year, Ningbo will continue enforcing Ningbo 2006-2007 Implementation Plan on Intellectual Property Protection and carry out special programs to crack down on criminal activities that infringe patent rights, trade mark rights, and copyrights. It will further improving the long-term mechanism of intellectual property rights protection, further improve the quality of procurators and judicial officers, strengthen the linkage of the law-enforcing administration and  criminal justice administration. It will set up the information-sharing platform for the law enforcement, go on popularizing intellectual property rights protection, introducing talents in this respect and increase the awareness of the society in intellectual property rights protection.
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