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Regulations on Informationization of Ningbo Promulgated(April 24, 2007)
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  According to Wu Huaiyou, Vice Director of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Information Industry, Regulations on Informationization of Ningbo (hereafter called Regulations) was adopted on November 29, 2006 by the 35th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th People's Congress of Ningbo Municipality, and approved by the 31st Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 10th People's Congress of Zhejiang and shall come into force from June 1, 2007.
  The 16th Communist Party Congress proposes to persist in using IT to propel industrialization, and in turn, to stimulate informationization by industrialization,take a new road to industrialization, and therefore we must give priority to the development of the information industry and apply IT in all areas of economic and social development. An accelerated development of informationization is a logical choice of Ningbo in its implement of the concept of scientific development and promoting the all-round development of the economy and society and strengthening the comprehensive competitiveness and international competitiveness. The Regulation consists of 43 articles in 9 chapters: General Provisions, Planning of Informationization, Information Infrastructure and Informationization Engineering, Information Industrial Development, Development and Application of Information Resources, Application of IT, Information Safety, Legal Liabilities, and Appendixes.
  The Regulation intensifies the following six points: the construction of information working institutions, the planning of the informationization, the management of the informationization, the information industry development and IT application, the government’s information resources sharing and transparency of government's information, and the security of information. The Regulation on Informationization of Ningbo will provide a legal safeguard for the informationization construction. With the promulgation of the Regulations, we shall formulate various supportive policies and rules we will enforce the administration in accordance with the law, promote the information construction and turn Ningbo into a competitive city in the field of informationization.


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