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Ningbo’s Economic Operation in the First Quarter of 2007(April 23, 2007)
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  Like in 2007, in the first quarter of 2007, Ningbo’s economy maintains a fast development and fast growth. It is preliminarily estimated that in the first quarter of this year, the GPD of the city amounted to 69.506 billion yuan, and calculated by comparable price, the increase is 14.2% above the same period of the previous year, and the growth rate is 1.4 percentage points above the same period of the last year. Of the total GDP, the first industry turns over 2.603 billion yuan, increased by 2.6%;  the second industry reaches 38.954 billion yuan, increased by 13.1%; the third industry amounts to 27.949billion yuan, increased by 16.9%. The ratio of the three industries is 3.8:56.0:40.2.
  The economic operation bears the following features:
  1. Agriculture keeps a stable development, industry a robust growth, and the service industry accelerating.
  2. Export and consumption tend to develop in a healthy way and investment structure keeps optimizing.
  3. Enterprises’ efficiency is increasing, employees’ income sees a fast increase, and the market keeps a stable development.
  4. Investment in science and technology is increasing, the ratio of new products is increasing and hi-tech industry is accelerating.
  5. The development of social undertakings maintains fast, and energy saving and environment protection is updating.
  As a whole, the first quarter of this year the economy of Ningbosees a prosperous start and this has laid a solid foundation for the healthy operation of economy this year.
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