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Ningbo Starts Mayor’s Quality Bonus Assessment(April 20, 2007)
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    On April 20, the expert assessment committee of Mayor’s Quality Bonus of Ningbo held the first conference. The conference was conducted by Yu Hongyi, Chairman of the Assessment Committee, Member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Deputy Mayor. The conference deliberated and adopted the assessment standard, the rules for its implement, the plan and process of the quality assessment for 2007, and adopted after discussion the plan for the collection of the bonus cup and the sign.
    Mayor’s Quality Bonus is the highest honorary award of quality established by Ningbo Municipal Government, to reward those leading and influential enterprises of Ningbo with the qualifications  of  an  independent legal entity that have made great achievements in quality control with prominent social and economic efficiency. The Mayor’s Quality Bonus is an important step Ningbo makes to carry out the scientific development outlook, transform the economic growth mode and construct a new-type creative city, aiming to guide and encourage enterprises of Ningbo to strengthen quality control, enhance management efficiency, improve core competitiveness, and make greater achievement. And therefore it is a very important measure for the faster and healthier economic development of Ningbo. With the Mayer’s Quality Bonus, Ningbo expects to reward those model enterprises that have prominent efficiency and thus to guide and encourage the enterprises of Ningbo to have great awareness of quality control, take advanced quality control measures, and finally heighten the awareness of the society of quality, honesty and brands.   With the quality bonus, Ningbo expects to encourage enterprises to perfect their performance management system, introduce advanced measures, and improve their quality control and increase their core competitiveness in an overall way.  Ningbo Government decides that the lump-sum bonus is 500,000 yuan, and the bonus, the cup and certificate is awarded by the Mayor.
    To ensure the authority of the bonus, the assessment this year will adopt the same assessment standard of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award this year, and the assessment will be made by an expert committee that consists of international and domestic experts of quality assessment, representative professionals and authorities of related government departments. This year, the bonus will be awarded to manufacturing enterprises and the bonus winners will be no more than 3.
    According to the working plan, the assessment this year will be completed in four stages. The preparation stage is from January to April. The training and application stage is from April to July. The assessment and approval stage lasts from July to December. The awarding stage is in early 2008. The initial application period starts on April 25 and ends on May 10.  The formal application will start from June. More information for the application qualifications is in the special column on the website of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (www.nbzj.gov.cn).

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