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2007 High School Entrance Exam and Enrollment
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    The statistics shows that, in 2007, Ningbo is to have 72,378 junior middle school graduates, 1,960 more than in 2006. Of the total, Haishu, Jiangdong and Jiangbei districts have 10,253 graduates, 347 less than in 2006. Despite the increase of junior middle school graduates, with the efforts made in educational resources, Ningbo now has sufficient senior high school resources for the demand of the society and ensures over 96% junior secondary school graduates to enter senior high schools. And in cities, the rate will be above 98%. The entrance rate of vocational schools will reach 1:1. To meet the demand of the social and economic development,  in 2007 the ordinary high schools in urban areas will enroll over 5,100 students, and the secondary vocational schools will admit 5,100 students, including 430 5-year advanced vocational and secondary technical schools students, 330 technical school students, 100 adult technical school students, and 4,240 vocational secondary technical students.
    The graduation examinations for junior middle school students will start from June 15 to 16 on 6 subjects of Chinese, Math, English, Natural Science, Social Science and PE. The full marks for the examinations are: 120 for Chinese, 120 for Math, 110 for English (including listening test), 150 for Natural Science, 80 for Social Science and 10 for PE (long-distance race or swimming). The total points for the 6 subjects are 590. The Social Science examination will be open-book examination.
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